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Our Founder Story

Hi, I’m Matt Karmazyn, founder and developer of DeployBoard. I’m a hybrid Systems Administrator/Software Developer. I managed thousands of production servers worldwide in physical data centers and in the cloud. I’ve witnessed the evolution from Bare Metal Servers to Virtual Machines and Cloud, to Containers, and now to Functions as a Service with the “Serverless” movement. I’m excited to see where technology takes us next.


How did you come up with the idea for DeployBoard?

I got tired of being asked “What version of <Application> is deployed to <Environment>?” So I built a tool to answer that question.

What technology does DeployBoard use?

I have 10 years of experience managing servers, I can say I am so excited for Serverless. DeployBoard is built completely with serverless technologies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. I love not having to worry about server uptime or configuration anymore. It frees me up to think about more impactful changes. DeployBoard's front end is a ReactJS website hosted on CloudFront and S3, with an API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB back end. The back end is a mix of NodeJS and Python. We also use a variety of other Amazon Services, such as SES, SQS, IAM, and more.

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